What to bring

What-to-bringBelow is a detailed list of what we’ll need you to bring along to your appointment.


  • PAYG summaries from employers, Centrelink and/or superannuation funds
  • Lump sum payments (for example, Employment Termination Payment)
  • Managed fund annual tax statement and capital gains tax statement
  • Dividend statements
  • Bank statements and term deposits detailing interest earned
  • Buy and sell contract notes for shares (if any shares were sold)
  • Buy and sell documents in respect of any property sold

Work-related Deductions

  • Details of depreciable assets bought during the year (for example, laptops), including date purchased and cost
  • Professional journals / magazines
  • Professional memberships / subscriptions
  • Receipts for continuing professional development courses and seminars
  • Receipts for self-education expenses if related to employment
  • Receipts or evidence of work-related deductions, such as protective clothing, uniform expenses and travel expenses
  • Vehicle log book for motor vehicle expenses (if applicable)

Other Deductions

  • Receipts for donations of $2 and over to registered charities
  • Expenditure incurred in managing tax affairs (for example, tax agent’s fees)
  • Expenditure incurred in earning investment income (for example, interest paid, subscriptions)
  • Income protection insurance premiums

Rental Property

  • Annual statement from property agent (if engaging the services of an agent)
  • Date when property was purchased
  • Records detailing rental income
  • Expenses incurred which are not detailed on the property agent annual statement, such as water charges, land taxes and insurance premiums
  • Loan statements for property, showing interest paid for the income year
  • Period property was rented out during the income year
  • Details of depreciable assets bought or scrapped during the year
  • If property is held by more than one individual, please provide details of owners and their legal ownership percentage
  • If property was disposed off during the income year, information relating to dates and costs associated with the acquisition and disposal of the property (settlement statements from solicitor)

Offsets / Rebates

  • Details of any superannuation contributions for spouse
  • Details of dependants, including their age, occupation and income
  • Details of medical expenses where the total exceeds $2,218 (after Medicare and private health fund rebates)
  • Private health insurance statement (if insurance is held with your partner, please state who is the primary holder and provide the age of your partner)
  • Details of your spouse’s income

Other Information

  • If you have any doubt about any income or expenses you’ve received or incurred, bring the documents with you
  • Any other information that you think is relevant